mechanical, product design & development, enclosures, design, industrial, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Thermal Design, Mechanism Design, Prototype, 
Documentation, Structural Analysis, Thermal Analysis,Complex Surfacing, 
Tolerance Analysis, Vendor Management, Cost Reduction, Regulatory Compliance, 
EMI Packaging Design, Design for Manufacturing, (DFM), Plastic Injection Mold Part Design, Thermoforming Part Design, Extrusion Design, Die Cast Design, 
Design for Machining, Sheet Metal Design, ProEngineer, Computer Modeling, Solidworks, Project Management, Algorithm Development 
Analog /Digital Circuits and Signal Detection and Control 
Design for Manufacturing 
Embedded Microprocessors 
Instrumentation and Control 
Image Processing 
Audio/Video Monitoring Systems 
Motor Control 
RF Design 
System debugging and integration 
Networking and Telecommunications 
PCB Design/Layout 
Power Supply Design 
Regulatory Compliance 
System Design 
Geometric, diffractive, & waveguide optics 
Spectroscopy (fluorescence, Raman, FTIR) 
Imaging systems 
Microscopy (optical/SEM 
Fiber optics 
Infrared systems & technology 
Optical networks 
Optical sensors 
Photon-counting/intensified systems 
Multilayer dielectrics 
Optical coatings 
Laser physics 
Cavities & Etalons​

​​​​​​​​​Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Design for good aesthetics and ergonomics.

"Tomorrow's Engineering...Today"tm

Product Design, Product Development, Prototype Building, Patent Drawings, Engineering, Scientific Research

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Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Scientific Research, Marketing Assistance, Prototype Building, Testing and Development including: 

Mechanical Engineering 
CAD Modeling in SolidWorks and CREO
Electrical Engineering 
Optical Engineering 
Software Engineering 
Industrial Design 
Biotech Systems 
Fluid Mechanics 
Medical Devices 
Research & Development 
Scientific Instrumentation 
Manufacturing Liaison 
Prototype Building